Transform your mornings with a Lotus Artisan mattress. Wake up refreshed, sharp, and ready to conquer each day with improved health and focus.
What sets Lotus mattresses apart is the love and meaningful contribution we put into every product, making each one truly unique and deeply impactful in your life.
New Zealand Wool

Discover the exceptional benefits of Joma Wool®, a unique natural fiber sourced from pure New Zealand wool. Our exclusive crimping process enhances this wool, increasing its bulk and resilience by up to 50%. Experience superior sleep performance for ultimate comfort and restful nights.

Natural Latex

Experience our exclusive latex, crafted from the finest rubber tree sap for optimal support and unmatched comfort. This premium material is naturally derived and antimicrobial, offering exceptional softness and superior mattress support for a healthier, rejuvenating sleep.

Needle Tufted by Hand

Enjoy the luxurious comfort and durability of our Lotus Artisan mattresses, featuring soft needle-tufted rosettes. This traditional technique binds the layers together with ribbons, ensuring lasting quality and exceptional support for a superior, restful sleep every night.

Crafted in Canada

The Lotus Artisan is meticulously crafted in our facilities in Calgary and Toronto, ensuring premium quality and Canadian craftsmanship.

LOTUS Artisan Collection

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