Modern Mattress is a premier local sleep store featuring Lotus showrooms.



You’re ready to discover the best sleep of your life. And the place to experience it is at one of our gallery showrooms — in the company of one of our curators.

We have a few insider tips to make your visit relaxing, productive and life-changing!


Dress comfortably

Choose clothing you’ll feel comfortable lying down in. Our clients have found that more constricting clothes, such as dresses and skirts, are uncomfortable and distracting.

Make time

Because you’ll be sleeping on your new bed for more than a decade, allow yourself the luxury of time in choosing it. Invest 90 to 120 minutes with us as we guide you to the bed that’s your perfect match.

Stay focused

We’ve found that the best choices made between bed and customer happen when you allow yourself to focus on preferences, physical sensations and sleep needs. Being mindful of your body and present in the process helps you gain clarity, without the distractions of a phone or other technology.

Engage freely

We’ll invite you to share a few personal details with us. Are you a back, side, or stomach sleeper? Should we talk about your aching shoulder, neck or lower back? We want to take the time to get to know you better in the relaxing atmosphere of our showroom, to find out exactly what you need from your new bed.

Be surprised

During your visit, we’ll share our expert knowledge of sleep science to help inform your choices — including a few unexpected things. For instance, you should definitely pick the mattress before you choose a bed frame. And size does matter!